by Michael Juliano

“Stained glass dates back more than a thousand years, but it seems like an art form conceived with sunny Southern California in mind.

“It’s the medium of light,” says David Judson, the fifth-generation owner of Judson Studios. “Everything that we do, whether it’s a contemporary or traditional approach to design, it’s how light is transformed and manipulated.”

Though Judson’s name is attached to the stained-glass studio, which now employs 25 people, no one person can lay claim to the painterly aesthetic of the guild’s art glass. Since 1897, a diverse set of artists and craftspeople have contributed to an equally diverse set of commissions: Frank Lloyd Wright’s L.A. houses, the Natural History Museum’s rotunda, USC Caruso Catholic Center’s ecclesiastical windows and, Downtown, the Ace Hotel’s geometric color blocks. Recently, the studio has collaborated with local artists like Marco Zamora and Colette Miller.”


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