From Design to Installation

We are a full service architectural and art glass studio, working at any scale, from private residences to grand public spaces and restorations. Our team oversees every aspect of a project from concept to installation and provides the level of support that is tailored to each clients needs. When you hire Judson Studios to execute your vision in glass, we bring a century of expertise and respect for artistry to the table.  Additionally, we provide cutting-edge design and fabrication techniques as well as innovative thinking to anticipate problems before they arise.


Whether in corporate office environments, civic centers, or residential spaces, stained and fused glass designs must be aesthetically pleasing as well as appropriate to their setting.


Our creative process integrates design and building physics to address social, environmental and economic concerns, creating high quality and cost-effective environments.


We produce the highest quality stained and fused glass at two locations in Los Angeles, and enjoy the ability to manufacture a wide array of glass designs for small and large scale projects.


Our skilled team utilizes age old skills and the latest technology to quickly and seamlessly create and install art and architectural glass design pieces.


We offer comprehensive restoration services.  Our studio will remove windows, perform complete repairs, and re-installs entirely with our own crew.

Project Management

With over 100 years of experience in stained glass design, fabrication, and installation, Judson Studios assesses and executes individual project needs with skill and efficiency.