"We Will Walk Right Up To The Sun" by Sarah Cain
Airtrain at the San Francisco International Airport
Commissioned by the San Francisco Art Commission
Alexan Bahay Luxury Apartments
Designed by Ariel Fox Design
Los Angeles, CA
"Gaia" by James Jean
Collaboration with Judson Studios
Lotte Museum, Seoul, South Korea
Santa Clarita Fire Station 104 by Anne-Elizabeth Sobieski
Commissioned by the Los Angeles County Public Arts Commission
Santa Clarita, CA
Ace Hotel
Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Residential Commission
Designed by Narcissus Quagliata
Newport Coast, CA
"Transparent Data" by Laurie Frick
Commissioned by Texas A&M University
College of Engineering at Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
USC Village Dining Hall
Los Angeles, CA
Residential Commission
Los Angeles, CA
USC Caruso Catholic Center
Los Angeles, CA
Inglewood Mausoleum Fused Glass Landscapes
Inglewood, CA
Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis House
Los Angeles, CA
Church of the Resurrection
Leawood, KS
Los Angeles Public Library
Downtown Los Angeles, CA
Residential Commission
Bradbury, CA
The Spirit Guild
Downtown Los Angeles, CA
The Standard
Miami Beach, FL
Residential Commission
Pasadena, CA
The Fig House
Los Angeles, CA
Inglewood Mausoleum Leaded Glass Landscapes
Inglewood, CA
South Coast Plaza Jewel Court
Costa Mesa, CA

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We design and build stained glass artworks to create light, life, energy, and inspiration in the world. We build shared experiences through the medium of glass. We restore historically significant windows to preserve their beauty and integrity, by making something old new again it continues to inspire. While respecting tradition, we embrace technology and design, and we build for the future. We consistently push ourselves to create new things that are soulful and authentic. We believe that glass has an infinite potential that only needs drawing out through imagination and experimentation. Tapping into the technology of fused glass opens us up to endless possibilities in the world of art, architecture, and design.

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