USC Catholic Center Windows Exhibition 8/10-10/26

The Fine Arts Committee of The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

“The USC Caruso Catholic Center Church: Stained Glass Windows from Conception to Installation”

An exhibition Curated by Prof. Ronald E. Steen, Art Historian & Art Educator

The USC Caruso Catholic Center, Church of Our Savior, includes 19 stained glass windows.  This exhibition showcases the unique stages of design, production and installation, which incorporated the important use of modern technology along with traditional craftsmanship techniques established over past centuries.

 After initial small scale over-all designs were drawn by hand for each window, the larger and more detailed finished designs were created in the computer using photo stills as points of departure.  The photos were collaged, manipulated and drawn upon using a stylus, thereby maintaining the hand crafted nature of the work. The full scale drawings were printed from these computer drawings.  All of this is unlike prior traditionally produced designs which were drawn, colored, and enlarged to scale on full size paper.

Therefore, unlike in the past, normal extensive design time was reduced considerably by the use of the computer.  The photo stills in the computer better registered the weight, folds and lighting of fabric, the textures of nature and objects.  In addition, light filled colors could be produced in the computer, which came closer to matching pre existing colored glass that allowed for a better understanding of what the finished window would actually look like when put in place and with natural light streaming through the window.

Seventeen of the nineteen windows were designed by Judson Studios. Two windows, “The Rose Window” and the “Creation” window were designed by Gayle Garner Roski and Ruth Weisberg respectively who are both of the USC art department as well as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Fine Arts Committee.  The “Rose Window” has yet to be crafted and installed. 18 windows were crafted & installed by Judson Studios, Los Angeles, under the direction of David Judson, President.  The windows total 2,408 square feet of colored glass, hand painted. They were in production for five years from 2008–2013.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Art Chapel

     555 West Temple Street

        Los Angeles, CA 90012-2707

      (213) 680-5200

Exhibition dates: Sunday, August 10 through Sunday, October 26, 2014

Viewing hours: Open days and hours, same as the days & hours of the Cathedral