The Art of Glass: Judson Studios & The Getty Museum

Thank you to The Getty Museum, Los Angeles for partnering with us on Color and Light: The Art of Stained-Glass Painting, a workshop held here at the Judson Studios in conjunction with their Canterbury and St. Albans:
Treasures from Church and Cloister exhibition! Check out this video featuring our master painter, Manny Consentino, produced by The Getty Museum, Los Angeles. 

The transition from canvas to the glass can be a big challenge for many artists. It's difficult to correct mistakes on the latter. "With glass," says artist Manny Cosentino, "you have nowhere to hide." 

Stained-glass favors the experienced and prepared artist. "It's like a dance," says Cosentino. "You have to know your steps before you begin." 

Judson Studios in Los Angeles use traditional methods of producing stained-glass. A tall order considering the procedures were not always catalogued and documented. Once the glass was fired, so too was the formula for its creation. 

For Cosentino, the work of stained-glass is equal parts art and science. "We have to then sit here and sort of scratch our heads and try to reinvent the wheel a little bit."