Wanderlust: The Life and Times of William Lees Judson 8/23-12/7/14

It is a great honor to have our founder Mr. William Lees Judson be featured in an exhibition at Museum London. He was a fantastic painter and it is great to see his work being appreciated so many years later. Some more information regarding the exhibition along with other exhibitions featured at Museum London at http://www.museumlondon.ca/exhibitions/

This retrospective exhibition examines the work of teacher, portrait artist and landscape painter William Lees Judson; tracing his early life in Thamesville, Ontario, his career as a local painter and teacher in London, Ontario, and finally his exodus from Canada and his new life in California where he helped to found the School of Fine Arts at the University of Southern California. The exhibition includes numerous works local collections, never before exhibited, as well as several loans from public and private collections in California.

William Lees Judson, British, 1842-1928, Near Hyde Park, Oil, Gift Of Mrs. Audre E. Walker Through Her Daughter, Mrs. Anne E. Hayman, London, Ontario, 1987, And Conserved By The Canadian Conservation Institute Of The Department Of Canadian Heritage.

William Lees Judson, British, 1842-1928, Near Hyde Park, Oil, Gift Of Mrs. Audre E. Walker Through Her Daughter, Mrs. Anne E. Hayman, London, Ontario, 1987, And Conserved By The Canadian Conservation Institute Of The Department Of Canadian Heritage.

USC Catholic Center Windows Exhibition 8/10-10/26

The Fine Arts Committee of The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

“The USC Caruso Catholic Center Church: Stained Glass Windows from Conception to Installation”

An exhibition Curated by Prof. Ronald E. Steen, Art Historian & Art Educator

The USC Caruso Catholic Center, Church of Our Savior, includes 19 stained glass windows.  This exhibition showcases the unique stages of design, production and installation, which incorporated the important use of modern technology along with traditional craftsmanship techniques established over past centuries.

 After initial small scale over-all designs were drawn by hand for each window, the larger and more detailed finished designs were created in the computer using photo stills as points of departure.  The photos were collaged, manipulated and drawn upon using a stylus, thereby maintaining the hand crafted nature of the work. The full scale drawings were printed from these computer drawings.  All of this is unlike prior traditionally produced designs which were drawn, colored, and enlarged to scale on full size paper.

Therefore, unlike in the past, normal extensive design time was reduced considerably by the use of the computer.  The photo stills in the computer better registered the weight, folds and lighting of fabric, the textures of nature and objects.  In addition, light filled colors could be produced in the computer, which came closer to matching pre existing colored glass that allowed for a better understanding of what the finished window would actually look like when put in place and with natural light streaming through the window.

Seventeen of the nineteen windows were designed by Judson Studios. Two windows, “The Rose Window” and the “Creation” window were designed by Gayle Garner Roski and Ruth Weisberg respectively who are both of the USC art department as well as the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Fine Arts Committee.  The “Rose Window” has yet to be crafted and installed. 18 windows were crafted & installed by Judson Studios, Los Angeles, under the direction of David Judson, President.  The windows total 2,408 square feet of colored glass, hand painted. They were in production for five years from 2008–2013.

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels, Art Chapel

     555 West Temple Street

        Los Angeles, CA 90012-2707

      (213) 680-5200

Exhibition dates: Sunday, August 10 through Sunday, October 26, 2014

Viewing hours: Open days and hours, same as the days & hours of the Cathedral


Share Your Stories!

April 1, 2014 would have been the 172nd birth of the Judson Studios’ patriarch, William Lees Judson. In honor of his legacy and his commitment to the community, the Judson Studios is asking you to share your stories with us on your favorite social media channel. New, old, pictures, comments, experiences? We want to hear and see it all! We encourage you to post and share up until the end of April. Every story you share will gain you an entry for a chance to win! The drawing will take place on May 1st and the winner will be notified via their social media. Tag us and use #judsonstudios so we can find your entries. Don’t be shy, you could be a winner!


Inspiring Light: Creation of the Stained Glass Windows at USC's Our Savior Church by The Judson Studios

Film by Eric Minh Swenson.

This dynamic, 26 minute documentary by filmmaker Eric Mihn Swenson, walks the audience through the 117 year old Los Angeles stained glass studio as it's artisans craft the vision of Our Savior's parishioners and pastor into 17 beautiful stained glass works of art. 

With narration by present Judson Studios' owner David Judson, the film provides a history of the studios and a comprehensive look into the creation of a large scale stained glass project from beginning to end, highlighting the continuing vitality, creativity and craft of the Judson Studios and it's artisans.

The Art of Glass: Judson Studios & The Getty Museum

Thank you to The Getty Museum, Los Angeles for partnering with us on Color and Light: The Art of Stained-Glass Painting, a workshop held here at the Judson Studios in conjunction with their Canterbury and St. Albans:
Treasures from Church and Cloister exhibition! Check out this video featuring our master painter, Manny Consentino, produced by The Getty Museum, Los Angeles. 

The transition from canvas to the glass can be a big challenge for many artists. It's difficult to correct mistakes on the latter. "With glass," says artist Manny Cosentino, "you have nowhere to hide." 

Stained-glass favors the experienced and prepared artist. "It's like a dance," says Cosentino. "You have to know your steps before you begin." 

Judson Studios in Los Angeles use traditional methods of producing stained-glass. A tall order considering the procedures were not always catalogued and documented. Once the glass was fired, so too was the formula for its creation. 

For Cosentino, the work of stained-glass is equal parts art and science. "We have to then sit here and sort of scratch our heads and try to reinvent the wheel a little bit."